The 1 Deloitte:- Employee Insurances & Other Great Facilities

If you are planning to join Deloitte, we are giving you an honest review of it. This is not a sponsored post. We are giving our own opinions. Deloitte needs no introduction as it is considered as one of the top best organizations in Accounting, finance, Taxation, Audit, Advisory, Consultancy, and more. We will not go into much detail about this organization and only discuss the benefits provided by it to its employees.


Benefits Provided by Deloitte to its Employees

Following Benefits are provided by Deloitte to its Employees. This is just a Conclusive list and actual benefits may be more.

  • 529 college savings plan, in which Deloitte helps in diverse opportunities of investments. An Employee can transfer his/her funds directly in 529 accounts from a bank account.
  • 401(k) plan, in which Deloitte provides $0.25/dollar on the 1st 6% of contributions which is eligible in it.
  • Adoption and surrogacy reimbursement programs provide helps up to $50000 dollars in reimbursements for the adoption of a minor child or birth of a child through surrogacy.
  • Auto and home insurance are provided at much lesser costs. auto Insurances are necessary as a govt. regulation in many of the states in the USA. So this is a great help of Deloitte.
  • Flexibility in Work Timings and Virtual Arrangements of works.
  • Family Support Services including dependent care services:– This helps a lot when you need to be at work & your regular child or adult/elder care is not at all available for you.
  • Group Legal Insurance:- In this type of Insurance Deloitte provides professionals and those who are eligible dependents on professionals with personal legal services, consultation, advice on various issues like civil litigations, tax audit issues, consumer protection matters, claims assistance up to a certain amount, identity theft issues and more. lots of things covered in group legal insurance.
  • Helps in Parking by providing free parking or extremely cost-efficient parking.
  • Helps in Career Development by providing great live training sessions.
  • Health Care Insurance and benefits:- Group of health facilities is covered in it for professionals working in Deloitte or their spouses, domestic partners as well as for their children up to 26 years of age. Dental and Vision insurances are also provided in this type of insurance. In this type of health benefits multiple national plans, transgender benefits are also given.
  • Identity Theft Protection Benefits
  • International SOS Benefits
  • Work from Home Facilities in some cases
  • Core Life Insurance Services :- This type of life insurance services provides as much amount which is equal to 1 times of annual base salary of professional employee.
  • Dependent Life Insurance :- This type of insurance is given to the professional’s spouse, domestic partner or child.
  • Optional Life Insurance Services :- This provides a choice to professionals working in deloittee to choose 1-10 times of their annual base salary.
  • BTA Insurance :- This is known as Business Travel Insurance. This is basically an insurance service which is given in case if some accident occurs or death or some serious injury to the professional employee or his/her family while travelling for business purposes.
  • Optional Personal Accidental Insurance Services :- In addition to above insurance related to life insurances. A Professional employee can purchase this type of insurance also at extremely low cost as compared to market. Company may provide this insurance at free of cost. but this is at the discretion of company.
  • Lactation Support :- 6 months of unlimited telephone counseling with a certified lactation consultant is provided by Deloittee. In lactation support Deloittee provides other benefits also.
  • Live Well Program :- This is a combo of services provided by Deloittee with the help f Live Well Program in which issues like fitness, nutrition, mental health, physical health, stress-management etc. are taken care off. Live Well Team can provide one on one confedential help, support and guidance which can help employees to achieve their goals easily. These type of programs are completely managed and funded by the Deloittee.
  • Pet Insurance :- If you are lover of Pets and have pets in your home, then this organization can help in your pet insurance expenses by providing low cost pet insurance services subject to terms and conditions.
  • Long Term Care Insurance :- It provides personal help and supervision services in case employee is sick or not be able to perform his/her duties. All the expenses are managed by Deloittee.
  • Personal Umbrella liability Insurance Services :- It provides more coverage and exposure on various personal services.
  • Helps in study by providing low cost loans if needed
  • Coaching and Tuition Assistance
  • Paid Time off
  • Paid Family Leave (upto 16 weeks in a year)
  • Personal Leave
  • Pension Plan
  • Retirement Benefits
  • National sports and recreation program
  • Remembrance funds
  • Sabbatical programs
  • WealthPortal and WealthPlanner Services
  • Personal Development and Motivational Programs like Thank it Forward
  • Team Well Being Challenges
  • Well-Being Subsidy (covers 50% of qualifying well-being related expenses up to $500 per fiscal year.)

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