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In this article, we will review LLC and Corporation Setup by BetterLegal. As the name Suggest an LLC (Limited Liability Company) your liabilities are limited to a certain extent. For all the benefits of LLC, C-Corporation and S-Corporation you can refer to our article by clicking here.

Who is BetterLegal? Is it a good Organisation for Business Set-ups?

BetterLegal is a great brand in the setting up of great businesses. Although it is not a Law-firm, it really had helped a lot of happy entrepreneurs setting their businesses. It claims as they provide an extremely fast turnaround time.

BetterLegal offers a streamlined solution that includes the most frequently requested documents and services in a single package (no upselling or advertisements). Its headquarters are in Austin, Texas, where BetterLegal was established in 2017.

It will help you in facilitating and set-up your business and will handle all the formalities in setting up your business. But please note that it can not provide any legal advice as to which kind of business is best suitable for you.

Now the question arises as is it a good organization?

As per data of 820 customers whom they serve and help in business set-up looked extremely happy from them. At least the positive ratings they have, we can say this is a good organization and reputed brand in this segment.

WHY DO I NEED TO FORM A Separate Entity?

Is a separate entity (LLC/corporation) required for your business? Why not operate as a sole proprietorship?

Improved Defense

Personal liability for business debts and other liabilities is usually limited to entities. This means that creditors won’t be able to seize your personal assets or the personal assets of your managers in order to pay off business debts and judgments.

Tax Benefits Possibly

By forming a separate legal entity, you can typically save a lot of tax on taxes. To begin with, separating deductible business expenses from nondeductible personal spending is simply easier.

Guaranteed Deals

The owners and managers of your business will all know what their deal is if you have a separate entity and a good Operating Agreement (LLC) or Bylaws (Corporation).

There will be no more confusion about who is in charge, who owns what percentage of the business, and so on.


People tend to view a separate entity such as a Limited Liability Partnership or corporation as a more reputable business than a sole proprietorship. It demonstrates that you are serious about your business and have taken the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your company.

What Are the Benefits of a Better Legal?

Few Benefits if Better Legal are written as follows.

  1. REASONABLE PRICE: Their Fees is very reasonable as it is just $299 One Time Fees as per their claim. (plus state filing fee)
  2. FASTEST USER EXPERIENCE: Most users complete their process with BetterLegal in just 5-10 minutes.
  3. TIMELY DELIVERY: You will receive your documents in 2 business days or less if you choose the expedited delivery option.
  4. ONLY THE ESSENTIALS, NOTHING EXTRA: There will be no upsells or ads for anything you do not require.
  5. Customer Ratings :- As per their claim and lots of postive reviews on their website there customers are extremely happy with there services.
BetterLegal Pricing
Data is Taken from BetterLegal Website on 10-09-2021

Note:- This price was prevalent at the time of writing this article. This Price may decrease or increase in the future.

What I will get in the price of $299 (plus state filing fees) 1 time fees

This one-time fee covers everything.

(1) Preparation and filing of the Certificate of Formation, among other things.

(2) A banking resolution, as well as other useful documentation (i.e. Officer Designation, Ownership Amendment Form, Meeting Minute Template, and S-Corp Tax Election).

(3) A Federal Tax Identification Number/EIN, and

(4) A Business Operating Agreement;

(5) More and more, BetterLegal is becoming known for its upfront pricing, quick turnaround time (2 business days), and user-friendly interface (fast and painless).

(6) According to, the order form is typically completed in five to ten minutes by the majority of users.

(7) The company also takes pride in not upselling or displaying advertisements for products that users do not require.

(8) free tax analysis:- They offer free Business tax analysis services from among the most trusted service in the industry.

(9) complimentary checking account:- The bank offers online banking with no set-up fees, a small initial deposit, monthly minimum balances, or overdraft fees.

(10)a free website:– Create a free website or online store that includes inventory management software.

(11)Free Insurance Analysis:- They will provide the Free and worldwide famous Insurance of Chubb.

(12) The Info Center:-

Articles written by legal experts can be found in BetterLegal’s Info Center, which also includes a “ask a question” feature that is very useful. By entering their question into the search window, users will be able to find answers or similar questions that have received responses from the Better Legal team. In addition, BetterLegal provides a free LLC name search by state.

As a result, we can say that they offer premium services for $299 (Plus State Filing Fees).

BetterLegal on Trust Pilot and the Better Business Bureau

BetterLegal received 240 “Excellent/4.9 Star” reviews on Trust Pilot at the time of this BetterLegal review’s writing. A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau has also been awarded to BetterLegal.

Assistance from an attorney

BetterLegal is not a law firm, and it does not offer legal advice or support in the form of an attorney.

Service of a Registered Agent

However, while BetterLegal does not provide registered agent services, they can put you in touch with a reputable registered agent (Registered Agents, Inc.) at a discounted rate of $10/month (or $90/year).

Customer Service is available.

You can communicate with them through a chat window. On their website, in the lower right-hand corner, they had a customer support button option, through which you could chat with a customer representative or make a voice call to them.

We had tried to cover the important points. Rest this is completely up to you. for more or further information you can chat with their customer representative by visiting their website.

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