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Direct Auto Insurance Company, is the 1st insurance company that belongs to Direct General Group, It was founded on April 10, 1991, by Sir William Adair. Mr. Adair has a great vision to set up a premier, non-standard automobile insurance company that will help its customers in the future as compared to any other insurer in a better manner.

This organization has expanded across all the southeast regions for providing better services at extremely lower rates with flexible payments regardless of payment history.

The headquarters of the Direct General Group is at present in Nashville, TN.

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Various Products and Services offered by Direct

Direct is famous for its Auto Insurances and Other motorcycle Insurances at cheap and affordable prices. But it also offers roadside assistance memberships, term life insurances, vehicle protection plans, etc. They also offer auto insurance in Mexico.

They are well known for providing non-standard auto insurances for those organizations and people who may consider there is a higher risk and to those also who just required SR-22 certification.

There is no need for a checking account or credit card for getting full coverage and services of a direct auto insurance organization. you can pay with a debit/credit card or with an e-check or even you can pay cash if you want to. Their stores are located at more than 400 locations worldwide.

How can I contact Direct?

A person can visit any of the 400 locations or can contact them on 1-877-GO-DIRECT (1-877-463-4732).

About Direct Products

They offer several Products and Services. Such as

  • Auto Insurance
  • Roadside Insurance
  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • Medicare
  • Term Life Insurance
  • Health MarketPlace
  • Emergency Protection
  • Commercial Auto Insurance
  • Mexico Auto Insurance

But in this blog post, we will try to cover their Best Auto Insurance products.

Some Overview of Auto Insurance and Insurance Coverage one can take:-

Affordable auto insurance can easily be got by call, visit or just click.

Each driver is unique. So is each auto insurance policy. That is the reason they offer their services consistently and in the best manner. Direct Auto is a great organization that gives extraordinary installment plans, they are here to help and for giving the best auto insurance policy for everyone’s requirements.

Why is there a need to purchase an auto insurance policy?

While auto insurance coverage prerequisites fluctuate by state, pretty much every state requires some type of liability insurance so that they will not have any kind of burdens in their life. It’s the law.
In addition, the right auto insurance policy can assist with securing you and your friends and family monetarily in case of an auto collision, burglary, or other covered misfortune.
Since 1991, Direct Auto has been furnishing drivers the nation over with moderate auto insurance and quality services to its clients— without considering their insurance history.
Regardless of the conditions, Direct Auto has consistently helped the drivers and worked with them to decide the best policy for their requirements, and Direct Auto is prepared to help them, as well.

Why Choose Direct for Auto Insurance?

Direct Auto isn’t your normal car insurance agency. their amicable specialists work with you to get you the coverage you need at a moderate cost — without considering your insurance and credit history.
From affordable installments to low regularly scheduled installments, numerous limits to different approaches to pay, you truly can have it all when you pick Direct Auto. Contingent upon your circumstance, that could even mean less expensive, more moderate auto insurances to everyone.
They have more than 400 stores across the country. You can take their help at any time. This is a well-reputed brand in the auto insurance industry.

Auto Insurance Coverage Options

Become acquainted with their auto insurance coverage beneath and don’t stop for a second to reach them with any inquiries. Amicable specialists are holding on to walk you through the intricate details of auto protection! Peruse on to find out about the various sorts of coverage they offer.+
Liability: Liability insurance coverage is quite possibly the most fundamental kind of auto insurance. You may hear different drivers allude to this group of coverage as “risk as it were” or “least auto insurance.” It for the most part incorporates Bodily Injury Liability and Property Damage Liability coverage. On the off chance that you cause a mishap, this coverage helps pays for the other driver’s clinical costs and property harm (yet not yours).
COMPREHENSIVE & COLLISION: Comprehensive and Collision are normally bought together.
Thorough (likewise alluded to as “Other than Collision Coverage”) helps pay for harms to your car in case it’s taken or harmed on an occasion other than any kind of collusion, similar to a storm coming or some worst contact with any animal.
The collision coverage policy will pay for your car to be fixed or supplanted if it hits another item or is hit by a “hit and run” driver. There’s a decent possibility you’ll be needed to carry Comprehensive and Collision coverage if your car is rented or financed.
Personal Injury Protection cover: Personal Injury Protection, or PIP, is another coverage that helps pay for certain expenses related to medical bills, hospital expenses, or funeral expenses in case of a car accident, regardless of who is to blame.
In certain states, Personal Injury Protection is needed notwithstanding your other auto insurance policy coverage. In some of the states in the United States of America, this is completely at the discretion of one’s own decision. This type of insurance coverage is however not available in all the states.
Coverage for Medical Bills: Medical Payments is a discretionary coverage that will help pay for any type of medical, hospitalization as well as funeral cost in case of a car accident, regardless of who is to blame.
RENTAL REIMBURSEMENT Under Auto Insurance: Rental cars can not be said always as cheap. Rental Reimbursement will assist with repaying one for the cost and expense of a rental car if that car is damaged in some kind of road accident.
TOWING: If your car stalls or can’t be driven get-togethers mishap, Towing Coverage can help cover or repay you for crisis towing costs (up to the amount selected).
UNINSURED MOTORIST: This is one of the important coverage under Auto Insurance. Uninsured Motorist Coverage, or UM Coverage, will help pay for your costs in case you’re harmed in a car collision and the driver who harmed you or is involved in your accident is not in a position to pay you for your accident.
It simply means the driver who hit your car and injured you is either does not have any insurance policy to pay for your and your car treatment or although have the insurance policy that policy amount is not enough to cover the whole cost or that person is very poor that he is not in a position to pay the money in his own pocket.
In a few of the states, Uninsured Motorist Coverage applies just for bodily or real injuries, but in others, it is accessible for property harm too. In specific states, coverage for an “underinsured motorist” (where the driver at fault has the coverage under liability insurance but it is not adequate to pay off all the liability) is sold as a different coverage.
Accidental Coverage under Auto Insurance: If in the car accident one has died. then his/her beneficiaries will get an amount of $5000. But this is completely optional.
For more information, one can contact the direct team on 1-877-GO-DIRECT (1-877-463-4732).

Main Mandatory as well as some Optional Insurance Policies that are covered in Auto Insurance

Real Injury or Bodily Injury Liability Coverage Under Auto Insurance

Real Injury Liability Coverage Definition

Real Injury Liability Coverage secures you monetarily if you (or somebody on your policy) cause a car accident that harms someone else or people.
In case you are liable for injury to someone else because of a car accident, then this insurance policy coverage will help pay for their medical and clinical costs and, if necessary, help pay for your legal service charges also.
Bodily Injury Liability Coverage won’t help pay for your medical charges. You have to take the Medical Policy Coverage under auto insurance in that case.

Who Needs Bodily Injury Liability Protection?

Since Bodily Injury Liability is legally necessary for many states, you’ll need to discover what your state’s base auto insurance prerequisites are and think about your individual conditions, including your financial plan. Check your state’s auto insurance laws and perceive the amount of Bodily Injury Coverage is needed in your state.

Illustration of Bodily Injury Liability Protection

Potential genuine situation: You’re driving not too far off and backside the car before you. Nobody was truly harmed, yet the driver of the other car is complaining that his wrist is injured and the forehead of the traveler is injured just a little bit.
An ambulance vehicle takes the driver and his traveler to the trauma center, where they are dealt with and delivered. The police issue you a reference for Failure to Maintain Proper Distance between Vehicles- – Following Too Close. In that situation, depending on the amount you had selected insurance company will pay for the Ambulance Vehicle Expenses, Patient X-Ray Charges, Stitches Charges, etc.

The most effective method to Choose Bodily Injury Liability Coverage

Real Injury Liability Coverage is important for most states’ base car protection prerequisites. With Bodily Injury Liability Coverage, you can choose what is designated “limits.” These cutoff points decide the best measure of the amount you can get from your auto insurance policy-providing company or organization.
Cutoff points are addressed as two numbers. For instance, you could pick Bodily Injury Liability Coverage with a base constraint of $20,000/$40,000. The principal sum ($20,000) covers the injury or demise of any one individual in a solitary mishap. The subsequent sum ($40,000) covers the injury or demise of more than one individual in a solitary mishap.
For more information on real injury liability protection, one can contact the direct team on 1-877-GO-DIRECT (1-877-463-4732).

Assets Damage/Property Damage Liability Coverage by The Direct Under Auto Insurance

What Is Property Damage Liability?

Property Damage Liability (PDL) coverage is a fundamental part of your auto insurance policy. It helps pay for harm to someone else’s property that happens in an auto accident you cause.
This commonly includes harm to someone else’s car, however may likewise incorporate harm to other property like a guardrail, fence, letter drop, or home.
It is extremely important insurance policy coverage under auto insurance as it gives one an immunity if someone damages the other person’s property in a car accident regardless of the fault.
The other is Bodily Injury Liability, which secures you monetarily on the off chance that you (or somebody covered on your arrangement) cause a car collision that harms someone else or people. (Think cuts, scratches, and broken bones — not gouged guards.)
This is basically if someone’s property or car is damaged because of you. Then Direct may help you in this regard.

What Does Property Damage Liability Cover?

This is basically supposing you damage someone’s car or any property. Then Insurance company will provide for all the expenses of damage of that car or property and incidental expenses attached to the property. It also covers your legal expenses of yours. if the party whose property is damages files a case against you.
But Property Damage Liability coverage doesn’t cover harm to your own car that happens in an auto collision you cause. For this, you will need a separate add-ons coverage policy/policies in the form of a Comprehensive coverage policy and/or collision coverage policy.

how the Property Damage Liability coverage policy would function?

Suppose You’re driving home from work and backside the car before you. That car turns and hits somebody’s letterbox. Their back and front guards are crushed, and the letterbox is destroyed.
The police issue you a reference for Failure to Maintain Proper Distance between Vehicles—Following Too Close. This implies you are “to blame” for the mishap.
Now Depending upon the auto insurance policy amount you had taken.
The Insurance company will pay off the other car repairing/renewal as well as replacement expenses. The expenses of another car driver might be rental expenses, spare parts expenses, or any kind of such expenses if the car is in the shop.
The damaged letterbox expenses as well as any legal expenses of yours if the other car owner files a lawsuit against you.

Who Needs Property Damage Coverage?

If you drive, you need Property Damage Liability on your auto insurance policy! Most states don’t give you an option. Drivers are needed to carry a specific measure of Property Damage Liability.
PDL is intended to shield others from harm that you cause while working your vehicle. Moreover, if somebody makes harm your property in an auto accident, their Property Damage Liability would come for your help! Property Damage Coverage can help everybody out and about.

The amount Property Damage Liability Do You Need?

Property Damage Liability limits fluctuate from state to state.
For instance: in Tennessee, the at least amount needed for Property Damage Liability coverage is $15,000 per road accident. In Texas, it’s $25,000. “As far as possible” the insurance policy coverage is the most your auto insurance agency will pay should you need to utilize your PDL coverage for an accident that happened because of your mistakes.
You can decide to purchase the base measure of Property Damage liability coverage, or you can buy more. Picking the most minimal cutoff points could assist you with getting less expensive auto insurance, however, it additionally implies that you could be liable for paying for property harm you cause that your protection doesn’t cover. That cash comes straight out of your pocket.
Consult with an insurance agent about the obligatory PDL coverage limits in your state and what level of coverage best suits your requirements.

Property Damage Liability for Commercial Vehicles

Other than driving, do you utilize your car, truck, or van for exercises identified with your work? Or on the other hand, do you claim an armada of vehicles you use for business purposes? Assuming this is the case, you might require a commercial auto insurance policy that incorporates Property Damage Liability Coverage.
Like Property Damage Liability Coverage on your own auto policy, a base measure of business auto risk protection is needed in many states. Notwithstanding, business auto strategies will in general have higher responsibility limits than individual auto approaches.
The measure of business Property Damage Liability Coverage you need will rely upon your state, business type, the number of vehicles in your armada, your resources, and your organization’s monetary strength.
For more information on property damage liability coverage, one can contact them on 1-877-GO-DIRECT (1-877-463-4732).

Collision Coverage in Auto Insurance

What Is Collision Coverage under Auto Insurance?

Collision insurance pays to repair or replace your vehicle if it’s harmed in a collision, without considering whose fault it might be. It might be your fault or not. the company will pay the amount of collision insurance coverage is taken.
Collision Coverage isn’t legally necessary and isn’t essential but it can be an essential add-on. Be that as it may, if your car is rented or financed, your loan specialist may expect you to add Collision Coverage to your vehicle insurance policy.

Do I Need Collision Coverage?

Perhaps. There are a couple of reasons you should consider adding Collision Coverage for your policy, even though it’s not legally necessary.
You might need to buy Collision Coverage if:

  • You’re renting or financing your vehicle. Your agreement or lien holder will probably expect you to convey both Collision and Comprehensive Coverage.
  • You’re stressed overpaying for harm to your vehicle in the event that you run into or are hit by a person or thing, or on the other hand if your vehicle upsets.
  • You probably won’t have the option to purchase another vehicle if your present one is added up to.

On the off chance that your vehicle is 8 years of age or more seasoned, you might need to reevaluate purchasing Collision Coverage.
The cruel truth is that more seasoned vehicles, by and large, don’t hold their worth. What’s more, because Comprehensive and Collision Coverages are normally restricted to the real money esteem (ACV) of your vehicle, you need to assess whether the expense of remembering that coverage for your approach is suitable for you. A Direct Auto Insurance specialist can help you settle on the most ideal option for your circumstance.

What Does Collision Insurance in auto insurance Cover?

Collision Coverage will pay for your vehicle to be fixed or replaced if:

  1. Your car is hit by a “hit and run” driver.
  1. Your auto hits another auto or motorcycle.
  1. Your auto flips over in a road accident.
  1. Your auto crashes into a fixed article, similar to a tree, fence, or guardrail.

Collision Coverage doesn’t cover:

  • Climate-related harm to your car.
  • Harm to the next driver’s car.
  • any cost related to medical billing.

What Is a Collision Deductible in auto insurance?

If your vehicle is harmed in an accident, Collision Insurance Coverage will pay for it to be replaced or repaired—minus your deductible. What’s a Collision deductible?
A Collision deductible is a set measure of cash you pay from out of pocket in advance for the harm to your vehicle. The remainder of the costs is paid for by your insurance organization, up to your vehicle’s genuine money esteem.
Your ACV considers the cost of your vehicle when you bought it, just as the age and condition it’s in at the time of the accident.

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For more information on collision coverage, one can contact them on 1-877-GO-DIRECT (1-877-463-4732).

Comprehensive Coverage

In India, this type of policy is taken by lots of people as an extra add-on as it covers, theft of cars, vandalism, car damaged due to some natural calamities which can harm the vehicles (generally that kind of incidents which are not in the hands of humans other than collision).

Cars can be stolen in case drivers forgets to lock their cars or if the thieves are such that they can be able to steal the cars in such a case this coverage helps a lot.

What is Comprehensive Coverage?

This Insurance add-on will help in case your vehicle damages in an event that is different from collusion. it protects you in case your car is vandalized, stolen, hit with some animals by mistake or anything else, damaged because of some natural disaster, or any other such kind of incident which is not a human collision then this coverage will protect you.

This insurance policy coverage will help in paying for repairs or replacement of vehicles.

Is it beneficial to take comprehensive coverage?

Comprehensive coverage is very comprehensive and covers lots of protection to your car other than a collision with humans. Although it is not mandatory by law you can consider it taking it in following circumstances such as

  • You are not in a position to pay a lump sum and buy another car. If your car is being destroyed for any reason other than human collusion.
  • You are giving your car on lease or loan. and your lender or contractor’s first requirement as your car should be insured from collusion and other events and would require collusion as well as comprehensive coverage.
  • you are not able to pay for the damages/repairs in case some adverse event happens to your newly bought car. as repairs expenses are higher in the case of newly purchased cars as compared to old cars.

Insurance agents will help you to decide whether you should take comprehensive coverage or not. But remember that this is a great add-on but not mandatory by law.

What does Comprehensive Insurance Covers?

Depending upon the policy amount you had taken. It covers the following things such as

  • Some thief has stolen your car or it is a case of vandalism
  • Damage of Car in case of any bad contact with the animal, bird, etc.
  • Damage of car due to fallen trees.
  • Damage of car due to some catastrophe or any kind of calamities.
Comprehensive Coverage Under Auto Insurance Policy
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For more information, one can contact the Direct Team on 1-877-GO-DIRECT (1-877-463-4732).

Deductibles in Collusion and Comprehensive Insurance Policies Coverage.

Deductibles are the amounts you had paid in advance out of your pocket for damage to your car. the higher the amount of deductible the lower the premium paid for comprehensive and collision insurance policies coverages. and at the time of payment of insurance amount.

Deductibles are adjusted from the premium amount.

The real value of your car such as the Actual Cash Value is calculated by taking into consideration of deductibles.

Few other factors like the age of your car, wear, and tear, depreciation, etc. would also be taken into consideration while payment of your policy amounts.

Uninsured Motorist Car Coverage add on under auto insurance policy

Suppose you had faced some horrible car insurance and in an accident, there was not your fault. But the driver whose fault it was either very poor and doesn’t have any insurance policy or is not in a position to pay for the insurance amount. then in that case this kind of coverage can help you in medical as well as other ancillary and incidental expenses.

If the at-fault driver is not able to pay any expenses then the insurance company would pay all your medical expenses depending on the terms and conditions as well as the policy amount you had insured and in case the at-fault driver had paid few amounts but failed to pay all the amount then this policy coverage will pay the remaining amount.

In some states within the USA, insurance companies will also pay the amount of damage to your property and your medical charges.

In some USA States, there is mandatory for drivers to take this type of insurance policy while in few states this is just optional.

For more information, one can contact the Direct team on 1-877-GO-DIRECT (1-877-463-4732).

Rental Reimbursement Coverage under Auto Insurance Policy

This is completely Optional. No state required this kind of coverage. This Coverage is usually taken if someone had taken the collision and comprehensive coverage.

Basically, this coverage is for rental cars. In case of the rental car becomes a victim of some accident then this Insurance Coverage will help in repairing your renting car.

But be Remember this policy helps in repairing the rental car it will not pay in case you are also injured in the car accident. If you are also injured then Med Pay and Personal Injury Insurances coverage are taken. This is completely optional coverage.

For more information, one can contact the Direct Team on 1-877-GO-DIRECT (1-877-463-4732).

Personal Injury Protection Coverage under Auto Insurance Policy

What is personal injury protection Coverage under an auto insurance policy?

Personal injury protection is generally a type of insurance policy that covers your medical expenses, funeral expenses, your lost pay expenses, and costs of other benefits that you had lost because of your car accident regardless of the matter whose fault it was. Now the question arises that what are lost pay expenses and the costs of other benefits?

Suppose you had met with an accident and now you are unable to go to an office due to an accident. Because of not going to an office you are losing your wages/salaries or similar benefits. PIP (Personal Injury Protection) will pay you for that expenses depending upon your insured amount.

The main aim of PIP is to offer you immediate relief without going to court and figuring out whether it was your fault in the accident or the other party’s fault. It will provide you immediate relief in the form of funds for your medical expenses and post-medical treatments and care as soon as possible.

But keep remembering that this coverage helps you in your medical expenses and post medical care but it is “NOT” for your vehicles related damages. For your vehicle, there are other coverages available as discussed above. This is only for your health not for your CAR’s health.

Is Personal Injury Protection necessary?

Well, it depends on which states you are living in. In few states, it is mandatory to have PIP (Personal Injury Protection) from govt. point of view. and in the other states, it is not mandatory. You can ask Your Insurance Agent whether it is mandatory to take the Personal Injury Protection or not.

There is also similar insurance that we will discuss later in this post: Medical Payments Insurance Coverage (Med Pay).

Which only covers your medical expenses and funeral expenses but don’t cover other expenses such as your child care expenses or salaries lost expenses. Med Pay is completely optional. But this is mandatory in some states. and it depends on in which state you are living.

Coverage Under Personal Injury Protection?

It generally depends on state to state. But normally it covers the following things.

  • Medical Charges:- PIP generally pays for the vast type of medical charges, which includes medication, rehabilitation, surgery, ambulance, diagnostics, psychiatric as well as chiropractic services related to the car accident.
  • Service Replacement Expenses:- Suppose now you are not in a position to care for your kids or cleaning your house or other such things then PIP can help you and provide you some staff and pay all the expenses of that staff (depending on your policy terms and conditions).
  • Compensation for your salaries/wages:- If due to an accident you are unable to go to the office and work there. PIP will help you in that condition and provide you compensation for your lost salaries
  • Funeral Costs:- In some unfortunate circumstances you die in a car accident. Then PIP will provide your family with your funeral expenses.

Real-Life Circumstances:- Suppose you are met with a car accident. and now you have to stay for 5 days in a hospital then PIP will take care care of your medical bills, child care at home as well as your salaries lost depending upon the policy amount. The damage to your car is not covered in PIP.

For more information about Personal Injury Protection Coverage, one can contact the Direct team on 1-877-GO-DIRECT (1-877-463-4732).

Medical Payments Insurance Coverage under Auto Insurance Policy

Meaning of Medical Payments Auto Coverage?

Medical Payments Coverage typically moves with you, meaning that you’re covered if you’re walking, riding in a friend’s car, or on public transportation. Your coverage will also apply to accidents that happen both in and out of state.

It is also called Med Pay. This is an add-on in auto insurance coverage. It generally helps you in your medical and hospitalization expenses (hospital bills ) in case you are met with some accident.

There might be anybody’s fault for the accident. That is not a matter. This policy will pay off the medical bills of you or anyone in your family who is insured under this insurance policy coverage.

Whether the accident is in your state or some other state. You will be insured by this policy. sometimes medical bills can be extraordinarily high. but you can save your medical bills if you are insured under medical payments coverage depending upon your policy amount. This is completely optional. There is no law-abiding to take this insurance policy. But it should be taken to avoid heavy medical bills. Rest is up to you.

For more information about Medical Payment Insurance Coverage, one can contact the Direct Team on 1-877-GO-DIRECT (1-877-463-4732).

Towing and Labour Coverage Under Auto Insurance

This is completely optional insurance. You will basically need this type of coverage only if you had taken collision and comprehensive coverage.

Basically, it is supplemental coverage under an auto insurance policy that covers emergency towing costs (depending upon your policy amount) in case your car can not be driven due to any reason say mechanical breakdown. In case of an accident, it is difficult to drive or drag the car to the desired destination then this coverage can help you by providing labor support.

Suppose you had not taken the collision and comprehensive coverage for any reason whatsoever but you want towing coverage, then, in that case, Direct Team has a 24/7 Roadside Assistance Program which helps in providing 24 hours Emergency Towing Services.

Accidental Death Coverage Under Auto Insurance

This is also optional coverage. Whether one can take it or not. In this coverage, if unfortunately, one has died in a car accident. Then that person’s spouse or anyone who was beneficiary at the time of taking this coverage will get an amount up to $5000 from

So this is all about Reviews on Auto Insurance Services Provided by Great Direct Organization.

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